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Ivy Chimneys Primary School gets a bright and colourful canopy

Ivy Chimneys Primary School were in desperate need of a new light and colourful canopy to provide some space for an outdoor classroom and somewhere to do some outdoor activities.


Upon arriving and surveying the area, we agreed! Their existing canopy was tired, worn, and unsightly.



Ivy Chimneys loved the used of coloured polycarbonate in our proposal, as it really injected life and colour into a space that had none before. They were very excited for us to begin the project, and we booked them into a summer time installation slot, so their pupils could return to a happy new canopy!


The new canopy at Ivy Chimneys measures 7m x 2.2m, ideal to take small groups of kids out for lessons or a certain play activity. They opted for a nice variety of coloured polycarbonate, as well as a polycarb side panel as well to enclose the canopy.


The new canopy is a huge improvement to their old one, and we are very happy with another bespoke canopy that the customer loves, and of another job well done.

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